About us

Safe, Functional and Affordable

CURE Medical originally from Switzerland and focused on wholesale in the professional healthcare sector:

  • Products meet European standard (CE)
  • Production in Europe and Asia
  • Objective CURE – safe and high-quality products suitable for daily practice.
  • In times of eg SARS, Covid-19 etc .. CURE takes up the challenge and offers solutions for the increased demand with products that meet the necessary / new requirements.
  • Together with partners, we offer tailor-made medical products for the healthcare sector, on request under private label.
  • Collaboration and Creativity ensures adequate products that are available in sufficient quantity.


  • International and Multicultural Team
  • Knowledge and experience with Production, Logistics, Product development, Marketing & Sales Practical applications
  • Collaboration with International Manufacturers and Distributors

Objective Team

  • Added value through knowledge
  • Products from the source
  • Continuous improvement and development together with manufacturer.

Strengths Team

  • Team spirit with partners
  • Customer oriented
  • Practical applications
  • Support partners and customers

Vision and Accountability


  • CURE is the link from producer to professionals in the healthcare sector
  • Focus on practical solutions
  • Continuous improvement of the quality and functionality of products
  • Collaboration and creativity ensure the availability of adequate products.


  • Products in accordance with the European standard
  • Independent testing of products and packaging
  • Corporate Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Supply Chains.

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